Where do I get the best Doener Kebap in Berlin?

Tastes are different for people but just want to give some good examples here in our home town:

1: Hasir Restaurants (http://www NULL.hasir NULL.de/eng/index NULL.html)

For people looking for a spicy style and best quality.

Hasir is a restaurant chain with six restaurants in Berlin and it’s one of the famous restaurants of our Turkish people here. Five of them are recommended:

  • Hasir Kreuzberg, Adalbertstr.10, 10999 Berlin
  • Hasir Ocakbasi, Adalbertstr.12, 10999 Berlin
  • Hasir Wilmersdorf, Nürnbergerstr.46, 10789 Berlin
  • Hasir Spandau, Breitestr.43, 13597 Berlin
  • Hasir Mitte, Oranienburger Str.4, 10178 Berlin

The prices are over average and a Doener Kebap is about 2.70 EUR. One of the specialities you should try is the Duerum Doener.

2. Balli Doener

For very hungry people 🙂

The specility is the very large Duerum Doener with french fries in it and you should chose the garlic souce with it. The price is 3.00 EUR. You should take a picture to show it at home 😉

  • Balli Doener Tempelhof, Tempelhofer Damm 146, 12099 Berlin Tempelhof
  • Balli Doener Spandau, Moritzstraße 2, 13597 Berlin

3. Grill Bosporus

For people looking for the classic style. This one is originally known to be visited by many many young people at night. The prices are moderate, a Doener Kebap is about 2.30 EUR.

  • Grill Bosporus, Wilmersdorfer Straße 105, 10629 Berlin

4. YE-MC Doener

Another good local one in Spandau. An Doener Kebap costs 2.60 EUR.

  • YE-MC Doener, Streitstraße 57, 13587 Berlin

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