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Mike ReinickeWe are the family of Vanessa & Liane Gerlach as well as Mike Reinicke from Berlin (http://www NULL.berlin NULL.de/international/index NULL.en NULL.php), Germany and live in the western part of Berlin, in the nice district Spandau on the outskirts. Spandau borders on the districts Reinickendorf in north-east, on Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in the east, and on Steglitz-Zehlendorf in south-east. The city boundary to the state Brandenburg is in the west.

The first settlements in Spandau were already back in 600 A. D., but the name Spandow resp. Spandau has been documented in 1197 the first time. The year 1237 A. D. is the official founding year of Berlin, first named as Cölln and then as Berlin in 1244. Even though Spandau is older than Berlin it has been suburbanized to Gross-Berlin in 1920.

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